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Walk-ins welcome

Visit Our Walk-in Medical Clinic

Walk-ins are always welcome at our medical conventions and you can accessibly register and record a same-day appointment online! We’re open 7 days a week, and our largely trained croakers and medical staff are then for you and ready to treat-life-threatening ails and injuries. With our on site-ray and lab, we can help you get seen and get better fast.

Welcome to Specialty Primary Care & Wellness

Here at the Specialty Wellness Center, our extensively trained associates and practitioners are dedicated to providing medical attention that keeps you and your family healthy. Whether you’re feeling under the weather, require a physical exam, or have sustained an injury, we’re here for you. Your physical and mental wellness is our top priority.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of treatments for you and your loved ones. We offer laboratory services, digital X-ray, ECG testing, and much more, ensuring you receive swift and comprehensive care all in one place. When illness or injury strikes, let the Specialty Wellness Center help you return to feeling your best.

Our experience covers a wide range of treatments for you and your loved ones. We provide laboratory services, digital x-ray, ECG testing, and much more, so that you can get treated quickly and efficiently all in one place. When illness or injury strikes, let Specialty Wellness Center help get you back to feeling yourself

Annual Physicals

Infection and Sick Visits

Sexual Health

X- Rays

IV Hydration

Weight Loss Management

Wellness and Nutrition

Acute Injury

More Convenient

Emergency rooms often come with lengthy wait times. At Specialty Wellness and Primary Care, we ensure your concerns are addressed swiftly and conveniently.

More Affordable

Emergency rooms can be prohibitively expensive. At Specialty Wellness and Primary Care, we are committed to providing more affordable options for those in need of non-emergency care.

More Thorough

Our Board-Certified Doctors deliver thorough care, addressing your concerns comprehensively. We consider the big picture to ensure you can return to feeling like yourself again.

Our Services

Accidents, injuries, and illness often need immediate medical attention without time spent waiting for an appointment. You can receive quick and efficient care when you need it at Specialty Wellness Center.

Common Reasons to Visit the ER or Call 911

While we may provide initial evaluation and diagnosis, we do not solicit life/limb/vision threatening conditions. Some conditions require a visit to the Emergency Department. These conditions include:

Dr. Koteshwara Nadipalli, MD Physician

"Calm minds bring inner strength and self-confidence, and that's very important for balanced health."

    Heart Attack


    Unconscious Patient/No Pulse


    Unstable/Large Fractures

    Significant Uncontrolled Bleeding


    Major MVA